The 2020 Cross-Border M&A and Private Equity Investment Conference (MUMAC), took place virtually this year.

You can watch the live sessions from the day below:

Opening remarks by Conference Co-Chairs, Dr Nikolaus von Jacobs and Christian von Sydow followed by the Keynote Speech: Coronomics—Impact on the Transactional Landscape by Dr. Daniel Stelter

M&A and Private Equity Market in 2020 by Dr. Nikolaus von Jacobs, Fritjof Franz, Carsten Hagenbucher, Dr. Philipp Heer, Richard G. Ramsauer and Andre Waßmann


01:30 - Personal experiences on the financial market in the lockdown period  

06:14 - Stronger and weaker sectors in times of COVID-19

09:19 - Price developments during the pandemic

14:20 - The best sectors to invest your money in 2020

17:24 - A changing nature on the market with higher competition

19:20 - Stronger establishment of qualitative measures instead of historic financial figures to evaluate the potential of businesses

21:49 - How investors approach assets in these days

26:49 - How did M&A insurance brokers adapt their offer and services to the changing environment? 

31:22 - The acquisition financing landscape after the first lockdown

36:29 - Why smaller deal will play a larger role in the future

40:29 - The rise of tech companies due to the pandemic


Please download the transcripted video here.

Opportunities in a Distressed Environment Under COVID-19 by Dr. Philip Bacher, Timo Klees, Arndt Geiwitz, Dr.-Ing. Axel Geuer and Jan-Daniel Neumann

Value Preservation and Transaction Tools in Critical Times by Tobias Blaser Michael Gaul, Dr. Sven Oleownik, Markus Schiller and Fabian Wasmus followed by closing remarks by Conference Co-Chairs,  Dr. Nikolaus von Jacobs and Christian von Sydow